Why Cleaning Your Cell Phone Can Help With Acne Breakouts Posted on 01 Feb 21:52

 Are you having some unexplained breakouts on your face (typically the cheek area)? It's possible that your cell phone has cooties!! Cell phones carry more bacteria than a toilet and if you are not keeping yours clean, those germs can make you sick and wreak havoc on your beautiful face!

Let’s get into some data:
- Cell Phones can have 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom (Fox News)
- Each square inch of your phone can contain 25,000 germs
-94.5% of phones tested in a study of 200 phones, were found to have multiple strands of bacteria that were resistant to multiple antibiotics.
- Phones can carry E.Coli, Influenza, and MRSA (just to name a few)
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How does this happen you ask?
- Things our hands touch: Shakings Hands, Dirty Surfaces, Work Environment, Where We Put Our Phone, Touching Money, Using Phone in Restroom, Children (love them but they carry super bugs)
- Bacteria Breed in Warmth: Our cell phones are warm and often kept in warm/dark places
What can you do?
- Practice good hand hygiene
- Clean Cell Phone Case at least once a week, if not daily
Clean your cell Phone and Case by:
a. Wiping down phone with alcohol wipes
b. Wiping down with microfiber cloth and alcohol or hand sanitizer
c. Try the Phone Soap device to sanitize and charge phone HERE

**Don't use Windex or any other glass cleaner with ammonia. The harsh chemicals will damage an LCD display over time. Don't use a paper towel - not even a wet one -- because the rough fibers can scratch the display surface. Use a microfiber cloth like the one that came with your glasses. Don't spray anything directly onto a cell phone. Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe. **
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How the 2017 Golden Globe Makeup Translates for the Everyday Woman Posted on 08 Jan 23:35

     It never fails, there is a grand event for celebrities and industry elite.  We wait patiently to see our favorite stars hit the red carpet.  Wondering if the top trends in fashion, hair, and makeup will be seen or if there will be new and exciting looks for the masses to imitate.
     Due to my love for makeup, I am always looking at brows, complexion, and colors most prevalent with celebrity arrivals.  Not much to my surprise, many of our favorite "brown" beauties rocked my all time favorite; the "Neutral Face" . There were different variations of the "Neutral Face" but overall an even complexion (foundation), some with a youthful glow, soft contouring of the face, no eyeshadow or a soft earth-tone shade, with little or no blush color. The Golden Globe "Brown Beauties" accented their simple (but beautiful) faces with either an appropriate neutral lip or a pop of color. 


Kerry Washington (Photo: Dan MacMedan, Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY NETWORK)

     Well how exactly does this look translate? The "Neutral Face" is my go to as a Makeup Artist and should be for ladies doing their makeup at home.  This makeup look exemplifies and takes us back to our roots of natural beauty.  Beauty without the harsh contour lines and super highlights. Beauty without an overly sculpted brow and a glitter lip. Now don't drag me here.....all beauty techniques and looks have a place and a time. I have been known to rock a glitter lip as well.  However, all the "trends" do not have to be worn at one time.

Octavia Spencer       &      Zoe Saldana via 
 Issarae Via
     The "Neutral Face" is one that is easy to build upon.  This can be done by mastering your foundation and soft contouring routine. Learn how to perfect a natural looking highlight and contour look that appears more as natural shading and a soft glow.  This allows you to transform the look by adding a neutral lip and a smokey eye or a neutral eye and a pop of color on the lips.The "Neutral Face" is the face that can take you from work to date night with a simple addition of lashes, eye color, or a rocking red lip.

Tracee Ellis Ross via

Our Golden Globe "Brown Beauties" rocked it out and showed that you can still slay with a simple "Neutral Face".

Get the Look:

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Get that Glow and a Natural Contour with the BAABS Contour Palette in Light or Dark

Kerry's Lips:

 A Dark Rich Plum Lipstick, Lip Liner , or Liquid Matte

Try BAABS  "Bar Crawl" for the Plum look OR  BAABS "Chaotic" for look pictured



Octavia's Lips:

A dark Brown Lip Liner and a nude lipgloss

Try BAABS "Walnut" Lip Liner paired with "Get Wet" Lipgloss


Zoe's Lips:

A soft rosie or pink shade with shine
Try BAABS Lip Vinyl in "Rosie"  or Lipstick in "On the Rocks"

Issarae's Lips:

A dark Brown Lip Liner and a nude or slightly pinky lipstick

Try BAABS "Walnut" Lip Liner paired with "Whirly Girl" Lipstick



Tracee's Lips:

A nice Matte or Creamy Red (not glossy) Pair with a Brown Lip liner if too bold
Try BAABS Lipstick in "Swizzler" Or Liquid Lip Matte in "Danger"



Check out our "How to Video" for these Looks:


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